With roots in MEP engineering, we have grown a full-service building design practice

We are grounded in our responsibility to care for people and our natural resources

As we grow Steelhead Engineering with the addition of architecture, interior design, and full-service project management colleagues, we also grow our capabilities in protecting the earth. Our conversations with clients now includes a holistic picture of considering how to move closer to Net Zero, including the use of natural light, doors and windows with high R-values, efficient mechanical systems, simplified roof designs, insulated wall panels that minimize heat gain and loss, and finishes and fixtures that are both durable and energy efficient. While we have always welcomed these discussions in partnership with project architects and interior designers, we are now one team.


Informed by Indigenous connection and calling

Our commitment at Steelhead, aligned with Bodwé core values, is an unwavering focus on the three customer groups we serve – the individuals who inhabit, labor, and engage in the spaces we meticulously design, the proprietors responsible for building maintenance and long-term investment, and the planet from which we responsibly obtain and utilize resources.


Mediating the built and natural environments

As part of Bodwe Group, we also offer civil engineering, planning, and environmental resources consulting for our municipal, federal, transportation, and Indigenous clients. We work as multi-disciplinary teams across the Bodwe family of companies, with WBK Engineering leading our Infrastructure Services work.


Facilities, technology, and program management

Steelhead and our sister companies work with the Bodwe Federal Support Services branch to provide services across many roles and agencies. This is a significant and expanding focus for Bodwe Group, helping to fuel our mission to grow the economy and legacy of the Pokagon Band while helping U.S. federal agencies deliver on theirs.


Serving the complex needs of a range of clients


Steelhead was founded in 2021 by the Bodwe Group, wholly owned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, as part of the Bodwe mission to grow the economy and legacy of the Band. We have served many tribes directly and many more through our work with federal agencies. This is why we exist.


The sovereignty of the Pokagon Band affords us opportunity with the federal government. We express our gratitude by bringing our best to every project with every agency we have worked with, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration.

Bridges & Structures

Working with Bodwé transportation and water resource engineers, our structural team embraces their responsibility for human safety and for the protection of natural ecosystems. We understand the dynamics between built structures and potential impacts to people and planet. We design efficient, effective, and durable solutions that fit the context of the community and environment.

Water & Dams

With recognized industry expertise in stormwater and flooding as well as natural riverine and manmade conveyance, Bodwé provides waterways analyses, flood studies, dam improvement and removal, and stormwater management design. And with every project, our team takes responsibility for protecting communities and natural ecosystems.


Much of our work since our founding has been to support health and wellness projects led by our Bodwe Group sister companies, from large-scale primary care facilities and satellite clinics to community centers and supportive housing. And now, with our comprehensive offering of full-service AE capabilities, healthcare continues to be a priority.


Over the past five years, the Bodwe Group has steadily increased its depth of experience in education and Steelhead team members have been essential to this work. We have helped complete dozens of school assessments for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and we are now engaged in multiple projects for school campus design.


The Steelhead team is experienced in Tribal housing work, including multiple projects to provide supportive housing. We are also engaged with our Bodwe Group sister companies to deliver a growing portfolio of multi-story, mixed-use residential design projects.


The traditional lands of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi are in the area we now call southwest Michigan. We are honored to call this beautiful area our home and we are proud to serve the communities in which we live. We partner with purpose with local organizations interested in building projects that build strong community.

Lighting a fire for current and future generations

Our mission is to benefit future generations of Pokagon citizens and with that long view in mind we choose the often-hard work of doing what’s meaningful and good. We choose it again and again to benefit wellness and missions and opportunities for people.

Absolutely superb job—an A++ firm that goes above and beyond to deliver the highest standards of performance.

Shaun mcginnis

Contracting Officer, Bureau of Indian Affairs

They are responsive, professional, and innovative and each project stayed on budget and on schedule.

troland clay

COO, Noo-Kayet Investments

They were vested, and the result is one of the best projects the Bemidji area IHS has been involved with.

Brian willoughby

Facility Engineer Consultant, IHS Rhinelander District Office

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